About aman

How it Begun!

Hello everyone, my Name's Aman Singh

Thank you for reaching out to us at India Bike Tour.

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. At the time of my formal education in 2010 my uncle had been working in a motorcycle Adventure Tour company for many years and this company used to Organize some Royal Enfield motorcycle adventure tours in India those days, which inspired me a lot.

One day, seeing my growing interest in the motorcycle touring industry, my uncle decided to take me to meet the bikers during the tour. This is where my passion for motorcycles and desire to discover my home country (India) Begun. Some time later, a very good friend of my uncle invited me to guide him on his motorcycle trip across India, and that's when it all Begun.

Since then I have been leading, organizing and riding with a group of bikers discovering India on an Enfield bike. I have ridden thousands of miles on an Enfield and covered North India, North West India, South India and the West Coast of India. My goal is to show you the real India on an Enfield together with my uncle and the entire team of India Bike Tours Company. my passion for adventure, my love for India and my desire to share it with you while offering a higher standard of value and only fair profits. The open road beckons. I look forward to ride with you soon. You can "friend" me on Facebook and also meet others people who have been on my tours.